About us

Frankie and Friends launched during the Covid19 national lockdown and it’s become so much more than a Lockdown Project.

I’m Kirst, the founder of Frankie and Friends. I’m married to my best friend, James and we’ve been exploring life’s simple pleasures for a decade. I can’t wait for all the adventures still to come! 

This is me


We have one fur kid, Frank. Hence Frankie and Friends. He’s everything we would want a brand to be. Little, loyal and with a heart of a lion!

By no means am I a seamstress, so much of what I’ve made is trial and error. As a little girl I loved sewing on my moms scraps of material when she finished making something. She signed me up for sewing lessons about 15 years ago, I’m not sure if that even counts?

Sewing Machine


Bun Ears  

I started from scratch during lockdown, drawing and making my own patterns. I learnt tips and tricks every step of the way, thanks to my mum and mother in law. We were staying together during these unusual times and I’m so grateful we did.

The 3 of us together, each with our own little role bring our dolls to life. “Team work makes the dream work” best describes our way of working. 

We started off with the Buns and have since expanded our range to Cats and there’s still more to come. Each doll comes with a unique story of their own. 


 As a Grade one teacher I spent many hours thinking and often worrying about my pupils during this pandemic. Their first year of Big School hasn’t played out the way we thought it would. For me, it’s the most rewarding experience teaching little ones how to read and write and I missed it more than ever. The close interaction and the day to day victories. The more I thought of the amount of children doing Home Schooling, the more I wanted to make a difference. Even if it was small.

With the launch of our website, came a new product range of wooden educational toys and resources. 

Wooden products have always held a special place in my heart. As a little girl, my dad had a baby furniture range. I like to think he was ahead of his time. All those years ago, handmade furniture wasn’t appreciated like it is today. He eventually had to close shop. But today, I add this range inspired by him. 

Sensory Tray


We hope to continue growing and spreading love and learning countrywide. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement!